Study On Market Appraisal And Value Chain Development Of Chilli Products In East Java

Chilli is vegetables that have an important role for agriculture in Indonesia. Chilli is consumed both in fresh and processed form like chilli sauce and chilli pasta. Fresh chilli can be usually used as a cooking spice, condiment and food decoration. Generally the amount of chilli production is determined by the harvested area and productivity of the land. Each year the amount of chilli offered is subject to change. These changes occur because of fluctuations in harvesting areas, quantity of production as well as land productivity. The increasing of residents will affect the increasing of chili demand as well. Annual per capita consumption of chili in Indonesia (2007-2011) tends to be stable, but small chili is slightly decreased. The increase in price was due to decreasing supply, since there is only small production. It happened when only few farmers plant and harvest chilli. If at the same time the demand also rises due to people’s celebration, holiday or festivals, the price will increase higher. Meanwhile, the increase of supply will cause a drop in price. It happened when there were many farmers plant and harvest chilli. The reason why farmers plant or does not plant chilli is mostly because of the season. Most farmers do not like to plant chilli out of the season because there will be more disease attacks.

jabal tarik ibrahim.2016. Agribusiness department, faculty of agriculture and animal husbandry. university of muhammadiyah malang.

Be a better father

Jika kamu merasa gagal dalam hidup ini,
Bukan orang tuamu yang gagal mendidikmu,
Kamulah yang gagal mendidik dirimu sendiri

Jika kamu pikir orang tuamu tak bisa mendidikmu,
Kamu yang sulit dididik oleh orang tua

Jika sifat orang tuamu tidak baik,
Berarti kamu harus menjadi orang yang lebih baik
Jangan menjadi orang yang lebih jelek dari orangtuamu (be better father)